Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Election 2022 - MSU Board of Trustees

Candidates for the MSU Board of Trustees will be on your ballot this November. Here’s everything you need to know before casting your vote.

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Before You Vote

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Recent Coverage


Michigan State Trustee Pat O'Keefe resigns in letter to governor's office

"It is deeply important to Governor Whitmer, both as a Spartan and as governor, that students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the public have confidence in the board," Whitmer's communications director Bobby Leddy said in a statement. "That begins with having great partners and great leadership in these positions. We will begin our search to appoint someone who will stand up for those values and move the university forward."


Stanley fallout causes emotional, tension-filled board meeting

Walking into room 401 of the Hannah Administration Building, the Board of Trustees carried the weight of no-confidence votes from the MSU community and even the university president. Trustee Brianna Scott called President Samuel L. Stanley's resignation “collateral damage” from ongoing miscommunication and distrust within the board. Board chair Dianne Byrum said she would not be rerunning for chair in 2023. 


ASMSU declares no confidence in the Board of Trustees

“Nothing is gained from a vote of no confidence. However, it sends a powerful message that we, the undergraduate community, are strongly in opposition to the current conduct of this board.” ASMSU voices its opposition to the Board of Trustees' actions and calls on members to resign.


“The money’s saying that they don’t care”: MSU divestment at a standstill

The MSU chapter of Sunrise has been engaged in a years-long campaign to push MSU to fully divest from fossil fuels. They made some progress when, in 2018, MSU exited all of its public non-renewable energy investments. But, as of December 2021, the university still held $88,605,622 in private fossil fuel investments. Here's what both Trustees and advocates have to say about it: