Saturday, February 24, 2024




  • Employment $18/hr part-time in-home weekend respite care for 26-year-old male with autism. Goal is to eventually do overnight where worker can sleep. Experience preferred, 5min from campus. Call 517-897-6771 for details.
  • Employment Digital marketing students with the ability to write great take-action ads needed for part-time job, as Independent Contractor. Please send a resume and an example of an ad you have developed to Ball Travel Services ( If questions arise, please call 517-332-5070. Owner, MSU graduate.
  • Employment Russon Family Farms is accepting applications from upper-level students in MSU's Viticulture Certificate program for a summer internship to help plant a small vineyard. The internship would include room/board, a weekly stipend, and profit sharing. Send CV, letter of motivation, and three references to