Thursday, February 22, 2024

Michiganders cast their ballots today in the 2022 midterm elections to decide key statewide and federal races. Polls closed at 8 p.m., but many precincts remain open to allow people in line the chance to vote.

Election Day 2022 marks the end of a fierce campaign season that has covered dozens of issues most important to the state of Michigan — abortion rights, inflation and education, to name a few.

Here are live results of statewide and local elections from The State News.


7th Congressional District

This race has been called by The Associated Press for Elissa Slotkin.

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D, incumbent)- 191,097, 51.6%

Michigan Sen. Tom Barrett (R)- 171,985, 46.4%

Percent reporting: over 95


MSU Board of Trustees

Renee Knake Jefferson and Dennis Denno have won this race

Renee Knake Jefferson (D, incumbent)- 1,982,911, 24.94%

Dennis Denno (D)- 1,936.682, 24.35%

Travis Menge (R)- 1,844,637, 23.20%

Mike Balow (R)- 1,925,584, 24.22%

83 of 83 counties reported

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Michigan Gubernatorial

This race has been called by The Associated Press for Gretchen Whitmer.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D, incumbent)- 2,425,440, 54.5%

Tudor Dixon (R)- 1,956,780, 43.9%

Percent reporting: over 95


Michigan Attorney General

This race has been called by The Associated Press for Dana Nessel.

Dana Nessel (D, incumbent)- 2,327,016, 53.2%

Matthew DePerno (R)- 1,948,525, 44.5%

Percent reporting: over 95


Michigan Secretary of State

This race has been called by NBC News for Jocelyn Benson.

Jocelyn Benson (D, incumbent)- 2,462,621, 55.9%

Kristina Karamo (R)- 1,848,906, 41.9%

Percent reporting: over 95

28th State Senate District

This race has been called for Sam Singh by the Detroit Free Press

Sam Singh (D)- 64,455 55.7%

Daylen Howard (R)- 48.696, 42.1%

Percent reporting: 98

Michigan Supreme Court

This race was called for Richard Bernstein by Gongwer and Brian Zahra by Detroit Free Press

Richard Bernstein (D, incumbent)- 2,116,726, 33.9%

Kyra Bolden Harris (D)- 1,489,084, 23.9%

Brian Zahra (R, incumbent)- 1,367,092, 21.9%

Paul Hudson (R)- 832,237, 13.3%

Kerry Lee Morgan (L)- 437,278, 7%

Percent reporting: 98

East Lansing School Board

Terah Chambers, Kath Edsall, Tali Faris-Hylen and Amanda Cormier have won this race

Terah Chambers - 6,244, 16.5%

Kath Edsall - 5,551, 14.6%

Tali Faris-Hylen - 5,251, 13.8%

Amanda Cormier - 4,152, 10.9%

Lind Brown-Wren - 4,015, 10.6%

Jim McEvoy - 4,022, 10.6%

Mike Feldpausch - 2,796, 7.4%

Rob Sumbler - 3,016, 7.9%

Steven J. Davis - 1,478, 3.9%

Tyler Allan Smith - 1,420, 3.7%

Percent of precincts reporting: 100

Michigan Ballot Proposals

All three ballot proposals have been called "Yes" by Detroit Free Press

Proposal 1- 66% yes, 34% no

Proposal 2- 60% yes, 40% no

Proposal 3- 56% yes, 44% no