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The State News has been a pillar of Michigan State University, East Lansing, Lansing, and surrounding communities for more than 100 years. It is one of the last independent nonprofit student-run media organizations in the country. Our media building sits adjacent to MSU, a top global institution with over 55,000 students and 10,000 faculty and staff.

Founded in 1909, The State News is the official independent student voice of MSU. It publishes StateNews.com, a weekly newsmagazine every Tuesday during fall and spring semesters, and a daily email newsletter.

Our SNworks division (www.MySNworks.com) provides website design, hosting, and support services to more than 60 university and commercial media outlets.

The State News provides mentorship, training, and paid employment to over 60 MSU students. Student journalists learn to communicate effectively, think critically and work cooperatively in a true multi-platform newsroom setting.

Student managers and editors lead reporters, editors, photojournalists, multimedia staff, graphic designers, business managers, advertising salespeople, public relations managers, marketing representatives, publishing operators, social media coordinators, web developers, and digital staff. Our full-time professional staff provides the foundation, knowledge, and mentorship to foster an environment of learning and collaboration.

As a result, students develop skills that lead to jobs at professional publications during and after their college years.

MSU does not fund the State News. By operating independently as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we rely solely on advertising and marketing sales, a student subscription tax, and ancillary income. Because of this, our staff is free from prior restraint or censorship. Students are allowed complete editorial freedom to make news decisions to inform our community and hold those accountable when necessary.

Our readers expect news, features, multimedia, entertainment, commentary, and information. We provide content that is diverse, trusted, ethical, unbiased, accurate, fair, and balanced. We provide an open forum to the community.

The State News has been recognized yearly by the most prestigious organizations in the industry, such as the Associated Collegiate Press, Michigan Press Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists. We are repeat winners of the national Pacemaker Award, considered the Pulitzer Prize for college journalism.

The State News Student Subscription tax

The State News and StateNews.com are independent non-profit student media organizations serving Michigan State University. The university does not provide a budget or funding for the State News. By operating independently as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we rely solely on advertising and marketing sales, ancillary income, and a student-voted subscription tax collected each semester. The subscription tax supports expenses involving student payroll, web hosting fees, marketing, printing, and other newsroom operation expenses. Because of our independent status, our staff is free from prior restraint or censorship, and students can make news decisions ethically and responsibly.

Through a 2017 referendum, the MSU student body voted to approve an increase in The State News’ tax. Subsequently, the MSU Board of Trustees approved The State News to continue to receive the student tax assessment under the same procedures in effect since 1971, the year it became a separately student-run incorporated organization.

For the fall and spring semesters, you must take action and request your refund before the end of the first two weeks (or the first 10 class days) of the semester.

For summer, you must take action before the end of the first two weeks (or the first 10 class days) of the first session.

We will process refunds for the Spring 2024 semester from Monday, January 8, 2024, through Monday, January 22, 2024.

To request a refund of your subscription tax, you must upload a PDF proving payment of your Spring 2024 tuition & fees and your Spring 2024 class schedule. You must also upload a valid MSU ID card.


Our office is at 435 E. Grand River Avenue (a 2-story building located on Division and E. Grand). The front door of The State News is located behind the building. We are open from 9:30 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday

If you have any questions, please call The State News @ 517-258-4560 or email taxrefund @ StateNews.com

The State News Contact Information

The State News
435 E. Grand River Ave.
(entrance located in the alley)
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
(517) 295-1680

Send comments, concerns, story ideas, and press releases to feedback@statenews.com

For questions about changes to content, please see Archive and Corrections Policy.

Legal Notice

By accessing this website, the user agrees that the jurisdiction and venue for all legal actions or disputes against The State News and any of its employees shall be governed by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Michigan. Any legal action must be commenced in the 54B District Court of Michigan in East Lansing, Michigan, the Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing, Michigan, or the U.S. District Court, Western District of Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Columns and editorial cartoons are opinions of the writers or artists, not of The State News. The State News encourages readers to submit letters to the editor. Letters can be dropped off or mailed to The State News at 435 E. Grand River Ave., East Lansing, MI 48823, or submitted here. Please include your full name, year, major, email and cell phone number for confirmation on all letters. Letters may run online or in print, and all are subject to editing for length and clarity. Because of space limitations, letters that are 250 words or less are given priority for print. The State News will not intentionally alter a viewpoint presented in a letter, and opinions in letters are not the views of this newspaper. Anonymous or mass-emailed letters will not be considered for publication.

The all-University student governing bodies and the on-campus residence governing groups will make available a yearly financial report to the student population and to the Division of Student Affairs and Services formatted by the executive committee of each all-university student governing body or on-campus residence governing group. If an all-University student governing body or on-campus residence governing group has subdivided its total fee assessment by major governing groups, organizations, or programs (see I.B.), the yearly financial report of the parent all-University student governing body or on-campus residence governing groups must contain information from these constituent major governing groups, organizations, or programs. The availability of this report shall be publicized by November 1 in a publication that is distributed campus-wide to their constituent students.