Thursday, February 22, 2024

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All Shades of Chocolate: Time to play the game

Grab your controllers and your headsets, it's time to play the game (brownie points if you get the WWE reference too). This week, we're gonna talk about all things game related from our favorite gaming systems, favorite gaming franchises and more. 


Sports Round Table: Tom Izzo nets 700th win against Michigan, Lions lose NFC title game

We're back once again and this time, with a new format. In the future, we will have different guests on to talk about all things MSU sports-related and mainstream sports related. This week, we discuss MSU men's and women's basketball victories against University of Michigan, the NFL's NFC and AFC Championship games and more this week, as you take a seat at the table with us. 


All Shades of Chocolate: Clap to the rhythm

As we've discussed before on our platform, music has meant a lot to us in our lives. Well this week, we wanted to highlight our own musical backgrounds and the impact our musical backgrounds had on our lives and our musical perspectives. 


Going Deeper: STD and STI prevention

There are tons of misconceptions and misinformation about STDs and STIs. Hosts Elle Fromm and Anthony Brinson III are going to do their best to explain the differences and facts about STDs and STIs and what you can do to prevent them.