Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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How MSU's Worm Wizard is leading vermicomposting on campus

In 2010, MSU horticulture professor John Biernbaum sought to develop a method diverting some food waste away from landfills, beginning a vermicomposting project with funding from the MSU Student Life & Engagement, or SLE, formerly known as Resident Housing Services, and the MSU Office of Sustainability with the goal of diverting kitchen preparation scraps from the landfill.


Building from the ground up: Beal Botanical Gardens aim to restore native plant life along Red Cedar River

W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens is implementing a restoration initiative to help ensure the longevity of Michigan State University's heart— the Red Cedar River. Evaluation of the riverbank began in 2018, and since then, the staff at W.J. Beal have been taking steps to cultivate the growth of native plant life along the Red Cedar and in the Natural Areas on campus.


MSU Dairy Farm uses cow burps to fight climate change

Michigan State University’s Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center has a new machine for its cows, and it could help farmers fight climate change worldwide. The machine, which dispenses treats for cows and analyzes their output, is part of an ongoing climate change project led by MSU animal science professor Dr. Mike Vandehaar.


Severe thunderstorms hit MSU

Michigan State University issued a severe weather warning last night after a heavy thunderstorm hit the East Lansing area. Several MSU buildings south of main campus lost power, including the Tree Research Center, the Food Processing Complex and the South Engineering Research Complex.