Saturday, February 24, 2024

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MSU historian talks Malcolm X's Lansing years

When local history often gets lost in the textbooks, it’s important to call to mind the icons who walked the same streets we do every day, including Malcolm X, one of the most prominent figures of the civil rights movement. Malcom X grew up in Lansing, Michigan. Arts and humanities professor John Aerni-Flessner focused his curriculum on Malcom X and his time in Lansing within his teaching career at MSU. 


Healing Through Kindness & Service Event creates reflective, community spaces for Spartans

Students, faculty, staff and community members gathered at the International Center on Michigan State University's campus and the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing to participate in the Healing Through Kindness and Service Event on Feb. 13. The event, meant to help the Spartan community heal and process on the one year anniversary of the mass shooting on MSU’s campus, was organized by Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, and the Center for Community Engaged Learning, or CCEL.


MSU Memorial Tree honors shooting victims, students who died during academic year

A year after the February 13th shooting, only one permanent memorial honoring the students who were killed graces Michigan State University’s campus – the 2022-23 Student Memorial Tree. Data science sophomore Clara Linjewile believes the university should work with the families of the students who passed away to truly honor their lives. “Given the context of how they passed away, I feel like their lives should just be honored in a more significant way,” Linjewile said.