Thursday, April 18, 2024

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The Islamic Center of East Lansing celebrates Ramadan, promotes community

Within the month of Ramadan, many people throughout the world celebrate a time of fasting, abstinence, praying, and self-reflection. During this time, Muslims in East Lansing find companionship and community within the Islamic Center of East Lansing. Islamic Center of East Lansing Trustee Thasin Sardar said that, in addition to fasting from dawn to dusk, "Muslims indulge increased spirituality, sharing meals with one another and increased charitable giving during this month." 


MSU Black Book Initiative promotes Black belonging, community resources on campus

The Black student experience at MSU is an experience that does not get highlighted enough. This is a goal The Black Book Initiative wants to express and bring to the stage, signaling that the experience is valid and deserves to be heard equally. The book serves as a step towards promoting Black involvement on campus and Black belonging on campus, a feeling that most Black students at MSU will say they did not feel entering the university. Highlighting Greek life, faith, professional development, Black-owned businesses and many more, The Black Book is an item to signify safe spaces for Black students and students of color on and off campus. 


How to approach spring cleaning in an eco-friendly way

Household cleaning chemicals are known to leech into our soil, water and air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These chemicals find their way into the environment through aerosolized sprays, surface runoff into waterways, and from pouring used products down the drain. This spring, some students that wish to clean their house and reduce stress on the environment are using home-made alternative cleaners.