Sunday, June 16, 2024

The State News Website and Archives Policy

The State News and its website, report the truth as accurately as possible on news events of the day. Online archives are a part of the institutional memory of the newspaper and a historical record of our community.

As such, we will not remove nor attempt to hide from commercial search engines any material in our online archives – news stories, story comments, editorials, opinion columns, photographs or graphic illustrations. In certain instances, we may choose to update a story if it is found to be It wildly inaccurate, misidentify a person resulting in damage to one’s reputation, or endanger a life.

If an error in our archived content is brought to our attention and documented to our satisfaction, we will append the original article with an editor’s note acknowledging the change made to the original archive, as well as the date and time any changes were made. That decision is solely at the discretion of the current student editorial board.

To make a complaint that archived content is inaccurate, contact the editor in chief in writing by email with the following information:

Telephone number
E-mail address
The URL address of the content in question
The specific content that is inaccurate and an explanation of how the information is inaccurate.

In the case of content published more than one year ago, the complainant must provide reasonable proof to the editor in chief that the content in question is no longer accurate. For example, a copy of expungement papers should be provided in case any criminal charges are dropped. If published more than a year ago, contested quotes are highly unlikely to be amended without written or audio documentation.

If the contested content was published less than a year ago, normal internal procedures for checking the material’s accuracy will apply, and you may be asked to provide written documentation. Updates or corrections may be added if the material is factually inaccurate, but nothing will be removed. In the event of a correction, a note detailing the date and time of the change will be included.

The request will be reviewed and checked by the editor and if the editor determines it to be valid, an update or correction will be posted.

All concerns may be emailed to: