Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Provost Teresa Woodruff answers student questions at ASMSU

“I do think that under these environments some things seem like more busywork,” Provost Teresa Woodruff said. “I would urge everyone to take from every learning experience more than what is offered. Take from every opportunity the ability to learn something different.”


MDHHS roundtable discussion addresses where Michigan stands with COVID-19

Norman Beauchamp, executive vice president for Health Sciences at Michigan State University, said that MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. worked with Beauchamp himself, and their team put together a task force. Many organizations jumped into tactics and initiatives, and the team spent the first few weeks defining that MSU’s approach was going to be values-driven.


Trump hosts campaign rally in Lansing

During his rally, President Donald Trump boasted of his “three-point” lead in the state stating “right now we’re leading almost everywhere.” However, according to the polls, Biden currently holds the lead on both the state and national levels. In Michigan, Biden is currently up by nine points over Trump. 


7 gathering citations issued on game day

 Prior to the game, Michigan State University Police took a firm stance against tailgating.  Despite several warnings from local authorities, parties ensued at seven locations on game day. Each gathering was issued a $500 fine, according to ELPD Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez.