Thursday, February 22, 2024


Archives Book Store is set to close down in East Lansing. “One of the things I'm going to miss is a lot of the interpersonal communication with a lot of the individuals who have been or become regular customers over the years,” Owner Ray Walsh said. “I know what they're looking for, and I save stuff for them and they come in and say ‘You got it.’ And that's part of the joy of being a bookseller is kind of filling collector's needs and wants.”

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MDHHS announces new firearm storage safety law in Michigan to go in effect

MDHHS announced a new firearm safety law that will go into effect Feb. 13. The law, Public Act 17 of 2023, requires safe storage of firearms to prevent access to minors. According to the MDHHS, the act requires Michigan residents to “keep unattended weapons unloaded and locked with a locking device or stored in a locked box or container if it is reasonably known that a minor is likely to be present on the premises.”


The Spartan Strong Fund: Where the money has gone so far

In the wake of the Feb. 13, 2023 shooting, Michigan State University received calls from community members asking how they could provide monetary support to those most impacted. In response, MSU established the Spartan Strong Fund, which raised $2 million. Here's where that money has gone so far.