Saturday, February 27, 2021




Desperate for points in the standings, the Michigan State hockey team fell to Notre Dame 2-0 Friday night at Munn Ice Arena.

Freshman Pierce Charleson got his first NCAA start Friday, giving usual starter Drew DeRidder and night off, while also hoping to provide a spark to the rest of the team.

After a quick, clean, and mostly uneventful first period things picked up in the second frame with significant scoring chances by both teams.

It was Notre Dame with the lone conversion of the period, scoring off of a two-on-one chance. The break started with a nifty stretch pass high off the glass by defensemen Matt Hellickson that found Landon Slaggert as he entered the MSU zone. Slaggert shot it, got his own miss, and then flipped it from a tight angle on net to beat Charleson.

One of Michigan State’s best chances came midway through the period fresh off the penalty kill. Freshmen forward Kyle Haskins, who was one minute out of the box, used a good stick to poke a turnover in the attacking zone. This sprung himself on a short breakaway, but a brilliant stop by Notre Dame starting goaltender Dylan St. Cyr kept MSU scoreless heading into the 3rd.

The Spartans were finally able to break St. Cyr halfway through the third period on a goal by sophomore Nico Müller. The play started with senior forward Mitchell Lewandowski, who entered the zone with the puck and then made a great pass to find the streaking Müller to tie the game.

Immediately after, the goal was reviewed for a potential offsides. It was a close call with Müller and Lewandowski, but the officials waived-off the goal, leaving the game at 1-0.

“I saw the one (replay) up top. To me, obviously it was a very close call but I thought when the puck went over the toe of his skate was still on the ice dragging his foot,” head coach Danton Cole said after the game. “So I thought it was good, but I am about 0-40. Do not go with me on those.”

The assist on the goal would have been Lewandowski’s 100th career point in green and white, instead he was sent back to the dreaded 99 points.

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