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Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC were the first dominoes of change, UCLA and USC were where the speed of the dominoes falling reached a climax.

Now the question is, when do the dominoes stop?

With a vacuum created by the departure of four major programs, the Big 12 and Pac-12 are left in a state of desperation to stay alive. The ACC is now forced to make a move of its own. For the schools within those conferences, they may be trying to force their way to the SEC or Big Ten. As for the group of five? It may be too late for most of them.

According to multiple college football insiders, we could be moving towards a college football world with super conferences of 20 or more teams. With each school looking to keep itself alive and conferences looking to gain an edge, dramatic movement and change is coming whether you like it or not.

So what could that look like for the next teams coming for the Big Ten? While it may be nice to think about adding schools such as Iowa State or West Virginia that may fit the mold of a nearby school that would culturally fit in, the reality is that they will not be added barring a significant mindset change from the conference.

All but one (Nebraska) of the current schools in the Big Ten are accredited by the Association of American Universities. There are 63 members in total, all with the goal of being, “...on the leading edge of innovation, scholarship, and solutions that contribute to scientific progress, economic development, security, and well-being.”

That leaves many teams off of the table for the Big Ten at this point in time should they stay true to this. However, there is a team that stands out as one they could make another exception for. Below are the teams that would make sense for the Big Ten.


The first four schools on this list are from the west coast after the addition of USC and UCLA. Oregon is one of the more exciting college sports programs in the nation not only with the flashy uniforms and performance in football and basketball but also with high-quality Olympic sports in track and field and others.

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