Monday, June 17, 2024




Low-lying areas were flooded in East Lansing after a thunderstorm Monday morning. The Quarters of East Lansing, an apartment complex located on Abbot Road, experienced severe flooding issues in the parking lot with some cars completely submerged.

A text was sent to residents informing them of the emergency and tow trucks were sent to pull out cars damaged by the water.


Emerson Voss, a Quarters resident, said the majority of flooding she saw was at the entrance of the apartment complex and lower parking lot. Some residents are affected more than others by floods due to the complex's geographical slope, Voss said

“We don’t really get anything because we live up on the hill,” Voss said. “My friend's building is lower down and she said she’s seen a little water in the basement before.”

The flooding has impacted some residents’ ability to leave the complex.

Chloe Somerville, another resident of the Quarters, said she couldn't leave her apartment to attend her in-person internship despite the presence of emergency exits

“(On) either side of me, they opened up emergency exits,” Somerville said. “I can’t get out the front way and I can’t get out going towards the office or the building either because (the flood's) deeper that way.


Voss said flooding of this nature has happened before during the school year and there’s been a few times she hasn’t been able to leave due to similar issues

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