• COLUMN: Despite shortcomings, MSU basketball season was a success

    Miles Bridges turned down the opportunity to make well over a million dollars, or delayed it at least for another year earlier this month after announcing he was returning to MSU for his sophomore season. 

    The 6-foot-7 Bridges was projected by ESPN’s Chad Ford as the No. 10 overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft, and the No. 4 small forward in this year’s class.

  • Letter: Happy belated birthday Cesar E. Chavez

    For many of us, hearing or seeing the name of Cesar E. Chavez is a source of pride, inspiration and hope. And rightfully so, Chavez is a great American hero who sacrificed his life to improve the lives of many. We all have a stake in preserving and proclaiming his legacy as a union and civil rights leader, a community organizer, and a crusader for non-violent social change.

  • COLUMN: Opinion is ruining journalism

    As hypocritical as this looks, hear me out.

    Nobody likes being told what to think. If you disagree, case in point: I just told you what to think and you didn’t like it.

  • Letter to the editor: Why nutrition should be embraced in elementary education

    Our children are our future, and right now that future is not looking bright when it comes to health. With childhood obesity and Type II diabetes on the rise, it can sometimes feel like we only get sicker and sicker. But we can affect this future by changing how we teach children about food in the present. 

  • COLUMN: Three days without social media

    I check social media pretty often, especially for someone who rarely posts. I refresh my feeds during awkward silences, when I feel a vibration in my pocket (even if it's just imagined), or when the fear of missing out gets to me.

  • COLUMN: Miles Bridges' NBA Decision

    TULSA, Okla. — This week there is no doubt freshman forward Miles Bridges will lose hours of sleep trying to decide the fate of his future.

  • Letter: New immigration ban will have same impacts as old version

    After President Trump signed his first executive order banning immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim-majority nations, including my parents’ home country of Syria, I along with many of my fellow students, felt anger at the injustice towards refugees fleeing persecution from their already unwelcoming home countries. 

  • Editorial: City finance should be on students' radars

    Growing government deficits are often talked about at the federal level, but we are seeing it close to home. The city of East Lansing’s deficit continues to grow, and our community must be aware of the consequences.

  • Letter: Whiteboard ban won't stop harassment or bullying

    When I saw this morning that MSU's Residential and Hospitality Services had decided to ban whiteboards from residence halls in order to reduce instances of harassment and bullying, part of me was relieved. As a Resident Assistant who has witnessed first-hand the type of written harassment this ban is presumably trying to prevent, I know that whiteboards are common mediums for students to commit incidents of harassment, bias, or other violations of MSU's strict anti-discrimination policy.

  • Letter: Does MSU discourage diversity of thought?

    In the late 1960’s, my mother’s family boarded a flight from Cuba to the United States to escape its brutally oppressive communist government. To this day, Cubans continue to flee to the United States of America for its promise of freedom and safety.

  • TSN Podcast S2E10: MSU is NIT bound

    Basketball reporter Casey Harrison alongside newsroom personality Stephen Olschanski is joined by sports editor Souichi Terada to talk about MSU's blowout loss to U-M on the road and the implications it could have for MSU for the rest of the season.