ASMSU pursues cheaper textbooks, fitness


At last week’s ASMSU general meeting, MSU undergraduate student government representatives voted on many bills ranging from greek life to the Union.

Textbook tax holiday

ASMSU representatives agreed to be an advocate to the state legislature for a textbook tax holiday for all students. During the “holiday,” state sales taxes on textbooks would be eliminated, said ASMSU President Evan Martinak.

“When you look at something like sales taxes on textbooks, it does seem like something we can change.” Martinak said. “This is one way that we can do it,”

*Opt-out fitness fee *

The representatives agreed to support the opt-out fitness fee in students’ overall tuition to help student health and wellness around campus. A fee of about $50 would be included in every students’ tuition, and students would have the decision of whether or not to opt-out of the membership.

“I think relatively, MSU is truly the bottom of the barrel when it comes to IM services in the Big Ten,” Martinak said. “It’s going to take considerably large amount of investment to better the future.”

Fund retreat for heads of greek life

ASMSU allotted $6,000 to the Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Independent Greek Council to help fund a leadership conference in Indianapolis. The conference will help presidents of greek organizations bring new ideas to local greek life.

Free billiards at the Union

A bill for free billiards was passed at the last meeting, with a meeting with the Union Interim Director Tami Kuhn ahead for the group.

“We will certainly be willing to hear what ASMSU has to propose to help our students,” Kuhn said,
Currently, billiards cost $5 per hour and are free Wednesday nights.

Off-campus voter registration

Because students tend to change addresses every year, some forget to register their new address to vote. ASMSU voted to support a proposed city ordinance requiring East Lansing property owners to prepare voter information for student renters when they sign their lease.

East Lansing Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Triplett presented the ordinance at the Jan. 10 general assembly meeting to get students’ opinions on the matter. ASMSU is planning to show its support at the Feb. 5 City Council meeting.

“ASMSU is a good partner in the city,” Triplett said. “When they show their support for something, it does go a long way.”

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