ASMSU discusses support for off-campus voting registration applications, runs out of iClickers

ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, welcomed the new semester Thursday evening at its weekly general assembly with a presentation from East Lansing Mayor Pro Tem Nathan Triplett.

Triplett appeared at the meeting to get ASMSU’s feedback on a new proposal the city of East Lansing is looking to add.

The new proposal would give students a higher chance of re-registering to vote by providing voting registration forms to anyone who signs a new lease to live off campus, Triplett said.

The number of off-campus students registering to vote was weak compared to on-campus residents because of the lack of informational programs, Triplett said. Triplett added that 3,000 new students registered to vote this past fall for the election on campus.

“This is a proposal that will uniquely impact MSU students, since they are the ones who make up the majority of leasing in East Lansing,” Triplett said. “We just wanted to make sure we got the students’ opinions on the matter before we moved forward.”

ASMSU will be discussing their own proposal next week at the committee meeting regarding the Triplett’s presentation, Vice President for Academic Affairs Emily Bank said.

“It would be a bill advocating for what the Mayor Pro Tem (Triplett) said, basically just saying that ASMSU will support this proposal officially,” Bank said.

The bill will be going through committee next week where members of ASMSU will discuss the bill. The general assembly will vote on the bill the following week.

Another topic that came up at the general assembly meeting was the iClicker rental program ASMSU offers. ASMSU announced their office ran out of iClickers Wednesday.

The rental program for the semester started on Monday with more than 600 iClickers distributed to students. There are no current plans to get more iClickers for the program.

ASMSU is set to meet again next week on Jan. 17 for their committee meeting.

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