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East Lansing City Council mentions missing person, discusses parking, motorcycle noise

May 20, 2021
<p>East Lansing City Council holds a virtual meeting on May 18, 2021.</p>

East Lansing City Council holds a virtual meeting on May 18, 2021.

East Lansing City Council held a meeting on Tuesday, May 18, during which they discussed a recent missing person case, as well as the parking and motorcycle situations in downtown East Lansing. 

The discussion-only meeting touched on the successful location of 76-year-old Shirley Baughan, who was previously last seen on Monday, May 17, at 1:30 p.m. 

According to a press release from the City of East Lansing, Baughan had been located Tuesday afternoon and was being attended to by medical staff.

The release also thanked those that assisted with the location of Baughan, which included East Lansing Mayor Aaron Stephens.

“There are just moments when something touches your core and you realize how incredibly fortunate you are to be part of a particular community, and for me, that was it today,” council member Lisa Babcock said, referring to those that had gathered to search for Baughan.

Stephens also touched on signs designating 15-minute parking spots as “loading zones.” Stephens said that these signs turn the general public away from parking in these spots while these spots are useful for Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as to pick up takeout.

“I know this might seem a little bit rash given that we don't know how technology is going to improve in the next few years, but to actually mark those zones with a sign as ‘This is rideshare parking,' or 'This is delivery parking,' or 'This is takeout parking,’ I think would be really really helpful to get those spaces utilized for what they are,” Stephens said.

Council members also addressed complaints by residents of motorcycle noise in downtown East Lansing. 

“I’m wondering if we can gather as council to put our heads together, put our notes together and figure out how we can keep it quieter in East Lansing,” council member Dana Watson said.

Stephens agreed that the noise was an issue and that he wants East Lansing to be a pedestrian safe environment.

“We do tend to adapt as a society to vehicles, and doing that really can hinder the ability for us to have a walkable, liveable downtown.”

Stephens also urged city staff to make a stronger effort to enforce cars parked beyond their allotted time.

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