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Army band and choral ensemble brings patriotism and support to MSU's campus

July 14, 2015
Photo by Yuanzhe Zhuang | The State News

The Army Field Band and Soldier's Chorus performed 18 stops in Michigan, among their other tours across the U.S. and abroad. And on June 8, they performed at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts.

At a media roundtable for the event the Army’s Chief of Public Affairs, Brigadier General Malcolm Frost, said that coming to MSU is great way to support a university that shows support for the military.

"I think traditionally, just based on the community, Michigan State is such (a) great university to support," Frost said, "(It's) not just the ROTC programs and support (for) the military, but the fact they also open their door to the band."

Frost said the concerts provide outreach for the Army.

"(The concerts) help to show our veterans and our American people the quality of the soldiers we have representing (us) in the United States Army," he said. "Having the Army here — it's a good connection with the college campus. It gives opportunities to see Army soldiers doing their jobs and their duties and also to entertain veterans in the community and the citizens." 

The event brought out local residents and students and encouraged learning about the military field band.

"Certainly it encourages students to participate," Jeffrey Winston, chairperson for the Department of Military Science, said. "They see a professional music band with military tradition." 

In the band and chorus, MSU alumna Shari Smith plays clarinet player in the instruments ensemble. Smith said she was fascinated with how campus had changed after being gone so long.

"I felt so glad to come today," Smith said. "It’s so interesting after you’ve been gone for long to come back. Things do look sort of the same. But they look different too." 

Smith said she is glad to serve in the field band. 

"I made a difference in a small way in this large ensemble," she said.

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