Monday, March 27, 2023

Yuanzhe Zhuang

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MSU celebrates students from around the world

MSU embraces and accept diversity internationally on campus. There are students from more than 130 countries on campus.  Here you can learn different cultural values and manners by making friends with international students; taste foods from different countries in the resident halls; and try to learn another languages through courses or your international friends.  For international students, if you are worried about your immigration status, your official paper work, such as I-20, passports and so on.


Entomology professor discusses E.L.'s mosquito population

As it rains more in the summer, mosquitos become a serious problem for the residents here in East Lansing.  Michael Kaufman, associate professor in the department of entomology, said, "There are large number, what we called, 'summer flood mosquitos'. It definitely relates to the rain. "  Except the amount of rains happened during the summer, the warm temperature also helped the mosquitos' growing.

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