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Some type of show

Rich Homie Quan, famous for his MSU football connections, performed on campus Tuesday evening

March 11, 2014
<p>Rich Homie Quan performs on March 11, 2014, at Fairchild Theatre. He is most known for his song &#8220;Type of Way,&#8221; which is often used in reference to Michigan State&#8217;s Rose Bowl win on Jan. 1, 2014. Betsy Agosta/The State News<br />

Rich Homie Quan performs on March 11, 2014, at Fairchild Theatre. He is most known for his song “Type of Way,” which is often used in reference to Michigan State’s Rose Bowl win on Jan. 1, 2014. Betsy Agosta/The State News

Photo by Betsy Agosta | The State News

On Tuesday, the rapper made the trek to campus to perform alongside rapper Kid Ink.

Thousands of students filled the Auditorium on Tuesday night, but most of them were there specifically to see the rapper perform “Type of Way” and relive the memory of the football team’s Rose Bowl victory.

“I feel like I owe the school,” said Rich Homie Quan after the show. “When Coach (Dantonio) gave me that national shoutout, it really put me on another level. If it wasn’t for Darqueze (Dennard), the song wouldn’t have ever got up here.”

Rosy inspiration

The concert was sponsored by the MSU Residence Halls Association and Peezy Promotions.

Some lucky students were able to score free passes to the show when RHA handed out tickets in some residence halls.

“It was the song that inspired the football team - that’s why I heard of Rich Homie Quan,” said Jon Schiff, a neuroscience junior. “When I heard he was coming on campus, I realized that I had to be here.”

The doors opened at 7 p.m., and students filed in with the same enthusiasm they had this fall during MSU’s Rose Bowl winning season.

After last fall’s football win against U-M, a video of the often solemn head football coach Mark Dantonio and the team dancing and singing along with “Type of Way” in the locker room went viral on social media.

“The fact that it’s Rich Homie brings people together because Rich Homie was like the 12th player on the field at the Rose Bowl,” said Gia Scheidt, an interior design senior.

The opening acts

As Kid Ink prepared to take the stage, a “Go green, go white” chant took over the Auditorium and Sparty danced on stage to get students hyped up for the show.

Colorful lights flickered as Kid Ink ripped his shirt off to the screams of excited fans.

During his song “Hell & Back,” Kid Ink had the audience act as if their cell phones were lighters.

Kid Ink, a rapper from Los Angeles, recently released a new album, “My Own Lane.”

He got the crowd fired up, performing songs such as “Time of Your Life,” “I Just Want It All” and “Rumpshaker.” He ended his performance with his song “Show Me.”

Kid Ink tossed his hat into the crowd as he left the stage and the audience grew even more excited, more than ready to drop the top of their whip.

Some type of performance

The football section began another louder “Go green, go white” chant as the audience prepared for Rich Homie Quan to take the stage.

The rapper walked out to his song “Walk Thru.” Although the audience was not enthusiastic for his first song, the concert quickly went in the direction many fans were hoping for.

After a spirited “What’s up MSU!” to get the crowd hyped up, “Type of Way” began blasting throughout the Auditorium.

The crowd burst into excitement once more and began singing along to the song. Audience members who were sitting jumped on to their feet and began dancing along.

Rich Homie Quan was joined on stage by two MSU legends - Sparty and Dantonio.

He also performed his songs, “Another Me” and “I Heard.” He finished his show with another rendition of “Type of Way.”

This was Quan’s first visit to Michigan. However, he did not feel like a stranger.

“I come here and I feel like it’s my second home,” Rich Homie Quan said. “I’m a Spartan for life.”


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