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New MSU food truck debuts on campus

March 26, 2013
	<p>The Food for Thought food truck pictured on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, in front of Kellogg Center. This was the truck&#8217;s second day of serving food. Katie Stiefel/The State News</p>

The Food for Thought food truck pictured on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, in front of Kellogg Center. This was the truck’s second day of serving food. Katie Stiefel/The State News

Photo by Katie Stiefel | The State News

With one food truck already roaming campus offering traditional meals, the Spartan Hospitality Group decided to add a second food truck to the mix this week.

The green and white Food for Thought truck is covered with illustrations of continents and quotes about food. The chefs plan to serve some international meals, although specific menu options have not been decided yet.

The decision for the menu theme was based off of MSU’s high international student population and the popularity of that food among all students. one of the chefs for the truck, Matt Wilson, said.

“(We) wanted to get that out there to the students and give them all a chance to try this sort of thing,” Wilson said.

The truck will be in action through the rest of the semester and into the summer, with current plans of running from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Catering and attending weekend events aren’t out of the question either, Director of the Spartan Hospitality Group Joel Heberlein said.

Heberlein believes Food for Thought will be different from traditional food trucks because of the many options and constantly changing menu the truck offers.

Tuesday, the truck served tomato soup, grilled cheese, caesar salad and pork wraps.
“Some trucks are known as barbecue trucks — we’re not that.” Heberlein said. “We might do it for a week or something, but I don’t know yet. It allows us to experiment and allows us more flexibility.”

Like its ever-evolving menu, the food truck was stationed outside Kellogg Center the past few days and will remain there for the rest of the week, but will set up in a different part of campus regularly, Wilson said.

Wilson said the new menu items and locations of the truck will be posted on the organization’s Twitter @MSUfoodtruck.

Special education junior Kenzie Gatewood and some of her coworkers from Kellogg were intrigued to test out the new truck yesterday for lunch.

“(I got a) grilled cheese and tomato soup because it has Dairy Store cheese on it, and I really like that,” Gatewood said.

“We got an email that there was going to be a discount today for people who work in the Kellogg Center, so we thought we would try it out.”

Heberlein is hoping the new food truck also will serve as a resource for faculty and staff to get lunch on campus.

“The ultimate goal is to add value to the Spartan experience by providing access to mobile food,” he said.

“It’s got to be self-sufficient financially, but just by providing a service that currently isn’t there we might find a niche.”

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