Friday, January 21, 2022

Local bands not covered enough

Last week, I was strolling past Tower Records, and what I saw inside got me really excited.

Domestic Problems was right there, like a display in a window, playing away.

I know, Domestic who?

Domestic Problems is just one of the great local bands you’ve never heard of, thanks to lack of exposure. Shame on The State News for not giving enough credit to mid-Michigan’s local music scene.

Understandably, most people assume this area is not exactly one with musical talent busting out of the cornfields. But this assumption would be false. This area is chock-full of talented bands like Domestic Problems, 19 Wheels, Fat Amy, and many more that get hardly any attention.

Because of lack of advertisement, there were only 20 very fortunate souls in Tower Records that night, blessed with the privilege of listening to a very talented, energetic band.

The Grand Rapids-native band was there that night to celebrate the release of its new CD, “Patiently.” This amazing CD is just one of the many testaments to the greatness of our local scene. There are various local bands that have the potential to rise to the top, but this rise is spurred on by a stir created in part by local media, such as newspapers.

I’m writing this in hope that maybe it will spark some interest in our music scene, and maybe help to encourage spreading the word about it. Music is wonderful; a source of inspiration. And here in East Lansing, if well-informed, you won’t have to go far to find it.

Jonathon Kus
chemical engineering sophomore


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