Monday, September 20, 2021

Politicians need encouragement

It’s time to move on.

I am writing in response to Matthew Hagbom’s letter plastering former President Clinton with accusations about pardoning Marc Rich (“Clinton’s pardon was questionable,” SN 2/15).

What a sad world we live in when we only look at politics with a negative eye. In the last several years, instead of helping and supporting our politicians, our society only attacks them and tries to discredit them.

Hagbom took time out of his life to write six paragraphs about a furniture “scandal” that in no way affected him, his family or this country for that matter.

We will never get anywhere in this country if we don’t stop accusing our leaders on anything we can find, just because of the party they are affiliated with or a view they hold.

We must help and encourage them, or if we don’t support them, then make our voices heard in a reasonable manner by addressing legitimate topics, not just scandals. But Hagbom, who obviously bleeds Republican, seems to believe writing about a pardon will somehow finally show America that Clinton is a terrible criminal who deserves to be locked away forever and that Democrats are guilty of defending him.

That does not speak well for the Republican party, or us, the student body, who are the future leaders of this world. It would have been different if he had written about a controversial bill proposal or view on an issue, but instead, Hagbom chose to write about yet another alleged scandal that will just continue to put up a wall between politics and progress.

I am sick and tired of party-bashing from either side - Democrats or Republicans. It’s time to move on, but I can see some people, such as Hagbom, have some unfinished grudges to mend before we do that.

Nicholas Spina
no-preference freshman


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