Friday, June 14, 2024

Amy Cho is the Love & Sex Reporter for The State News.

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Roommates: What it's like to have a third wheel in relationships

Roommates are an inevitable part of college, especially for freshmen at MSU. However, with such a small space for two or more people to live in, issues like a lack of privacy and personal space, different living habits, and communication problems can arise. But when significant others are thrown into the loop in the already cramped dorm rooms, how does it affect the dynamic between the roommates?


How MSU students perceive dating rules in the age of social media trends

On social media, the trend of personal dating rules has been circulating around, where users write down their personal "make or break" dating rules on the "Notes" app on Apple's iPhones, take a screenshot, record themselves explaining each rule, and upload to social media. But how do these rules actually affect relationships and do people actually agree with the rules shown?