Spartan Idol and Last Spartan Standing auditions end


Although journalism senior Mollie Rehner was an active member in her high school music department, it didn’t ease her nervousness as she auditioned for Spartan Idol.

Rehner participated in the weeklong auditions held by the University Activities Board for Spartan Idol, MSU’s version of “American Idol,” which takes place Nov. 14.

“I was very pleased with myself considering my nerves, but it was better than I expected,” Rehner said.


Video: Spartan Idol Auditions

This week, UAB also held auditions for Last Spartan Standing, MSU’s version of “Last Comic Standing,” which takes place Oct. 30.

During the Idol audition process, which started Monday, students sang an a cappella song of their choice in front of student judges. Final auditions for the competition are scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight in Room 131 in Hubbard Hall.

“We usually try and go for a variety of musical sounds and diversity within the contestants,” mathematics senior and Spartan Idol coordinator Stephanie Donelko said. “It’s also based on who gives us a really good stage presence and who we think, when we put them up on stage, is going to do a great job.”

Psychology junior Courtney Loughman, one of the Idol judges, said she considers herself a fair judge compared to “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell.

“There are a lot of opinions that go into picking our top 12,” Loughman said. “We fill out the sheets and we actually (video) record them, and (when we) get our committees together, we pick.”

Auditions for Last Spartan Standing also end at 11:30 a.m today, with a final round in the Spartan Room of the International Center.

“We are hoping to choose around 12 contestants to participate and they will each get their own time on stage,” English junior and Last Spartan Standing coordinator Ashley Patterson said.

Student judges for Last Spartan Standing rated auditioning comedians based on content appropriateness, delivery and humor. Marketing senior Kevin Cheaney, who was one of the judges, said he mostly focused on joke delivery.

“They have to have good presentation,” Cheaney said. “A good part of being a good comedian is just how you present it.”

Though social relations and policy junior Josh Hall was in Last Spartan Standing last year and has performed his comedy routine in front of large audiences, auditioning Tuesday night still made him nervous.

“A lot of comedians say they are more terrified in front of a couple people than a whole auditorium,” Hall said. “People tend to laugh and have more fun when they are in big groups. It’s good practice regardless.”

Hall said he enjoys being involved in comedy for the relief it provides.

“You can take a serious topic and turn it into something fun,” Hall said. “It’s a break from everyday life. It’s a good way to unwind and not be so worried.”

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