Former MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins writes first book, "Game Changer"


Former MSU quarterback Kirk Cousins was approached about writing his first book, “Game Changer,” after his speech at the Big Ten Media Day in July 2011. Despite being told that it was worthwhile, he was initially reluctant.

“At first, I was a little hesitant about writing a book,” Cousins said. “I felt like I was too young to write one and I still got a lot of my football career to go.”

However, his media day speech was well received and currently has over 340,000 views on YouTube. That, and the opportunity to reach out to young people, helped him change his mind.

“When I realized that I could write a book that could have a real positive impact on young people much like the speech did, I jumped at that opportunity,” Cousins said.

“Game Changer,” which is aimed at middle school, high school and college students, was released June 26 and offers young people guidance in life, faith and leadership.

Cousins is one of the most decorated quarterbacks in MSU history. However, he didn’t earn his reputation until late in his college career.

A three-star recruit out of high school, Cousins was only recruited by two MAC Conference schools before head coach Mark Dantonio offered him a scholarship to MSU — which he quickly accepted.

Before rebuilding the tradition of MSU football and becoming the winningest quarterback in MSU history, Cousins was a backup for two years.

“I think it goes to show nothing great necessarily happens over night,” Cousins said. “You have to work for it, you have to be patient, you have to trust that over time your hard work is going to pay off.”

Kirk’s father, Don Cousins, said that Kirk was raised in a religious household. Growing up, Kirk was taught that the principles Jesus taught are principles that one should live by.

“Faith was clearly at the centerpiece of our home, and so therefore that had a big impact on him,” Don said.

Packaging junior Andrew Aben recalled Cousins’ off-the-field participation in the MSU community his freshman year.

“He’s a man of faith — it’s nice to see an MSU alumnus offer quality life lessons to young people,” Aben said.

Growing up in a religious household, Cousins believes lessons from the Bible can apply to young people who are making big life decisions.

“I wanted to encourage young people that, whether it’s a middle-schooler a high-schooler or a college-aged kid — to make their relationship with God a priority,” Cousins said.

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