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Facetime: Arthur Ray Jr.

Former MSU offensive lineman Arthur Ray Jr. had a long and arduous journey to his first career game as a Spartan. After being offered a scholarship to MSU, Ray was diagnosed with osteosarcoma — a rare bone cancer that often is diagnosed in teenage boys — during his senior year of high school in 2007.


More Than A Game

The 2013 World Dwarf Games have given athletes from the United States the ability to connect and learn about foreign cultures from the 17 countries represented in the games. MSU’s campus has been playing host to the games and their 400-plus athletes with dwarfism or disproportionate dysplasia throughout the week.


MSU could potentially cut Izzone campout

The Izzone campout is a time honored tradition for students dedicated enough to be a part of the Izzone. Despite its tradition, MSU Alumni Association Associate Director Dan DiMaggio said they are reaching out to students to see how to better improve the section for the upcoming season. Media reports have suggested the campout may potentially be cancelled, which DiMaggio declined to confirm. “There have been no decisions made whether it’s going to be cancelled or replaced or whether it’s going on as is,” DiMaggio said. According to DiMaggio, the Alumni Association discusses potential changes to the campout, road trips to away games and marquee home games over the summer. The Izzone campout offers students the opportunity to meet the players, head basketball coach Izzo, fellow members of the Izzone and earn points toward lower bowl tickets. DiMaggio said the decision on the campout will be based around the release of the team’s schedule. Philosophy junior Ray Ulrich said he would be disappointed if the campout was cancelled. “I think it builds camaraderie with the rest of the people who are dedicated fans,” Ulrich said.


MSU secondary looks to set up “no-fly zone” for 2013 season

The MSU secondary said they are looking to set up a “no-fly zone” for the 2013 season at the MSU football media day Monday. Expectations are high with nine starters returning to a defense that finished No.


Second day of World Dwarf Games features badminton, swimming

In the second day of the 2013 World Dwarf Games, athletes competed in badminton singles, team boccia and swimming. The World Dwarf Games allows athletes with dwarfism or disproportionate dysplasia the opportunity to compete against and meet more than 400 athletes from across the world. For Sri Lanka’s badminton singles gold medalist Randika Cooray, the games are an opportunity to escape the cruelties of the real world and be in a world for a week in which she isn’t laughed or stared at. “It’s phenomenal – meeting people and knowing they are going through the same aches and pains that I am,” Cooray said. Cooray joked that she thought a group of children playing football was going to laugh at her when she walked by them the other day.

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