Turkey Day crafts for cheap

Creative approach to holiday season, transition


With the beginning of November comes a shuffle in holiday spirit. Squirrel-eaten pumpkins are taken from front porches and tossed to the curb. Festive costumes are put back into storage in the attic, soon to be replaced by turkeys and Thanksgiving feasts.

With the monthlong transition between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the festivities often are left at a standstill until the last minute. This, unfortunately, leaves minimal room for holiday spirit.

For students trying to save money on the new month’s festivities, here’s a way to turn Halloween decorations into the ideal Thanksgiving centerpiece: a pumpkin turkey.

James Ristau / The State News

What you will need:

-Tape or glue
-Construction paper


1. Draw the shape of a bowling pin on a piece of brown construction paper and cut it out. This will serve as the turkey’s neck and head on the front of the pumpkin.

2. Cut out eyes and a beak for the makeshift turkey and glue or tape them to the original cutout. Craft plastic eyes also can be used.

3. Glue or tape the turkey’s head to the front side of the pumpkin in front of the pumpkin’s stem.
4. Trace your handprint twice to make wings. Cut them out.

5. Use glue or tape to attach the wings to the sides of the pumpkin, with the fingers facing the back.
6. Cut eight to 10 feather shapes out of your red, yellow and orange construction paper.

7. Attach them to the back of the pumpkin with the glue or tape high enough that they can be seen from the front.

8. Put your turkey out on display or keep it in your dorm room to get ready for Thanksgiving!

Source: ehow.com.

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