Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sarah M. Emery

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Student hopes to educate mentors, others about sedative drugs

Health Advocates at Olin Health Center said there has been an increased number of people asking to be tested for sedative drugs like GHB, known as liquid ecstasy, and Rohypnol, known as roofies.But most tests have come back negative.“This shows there is great concern and even panic when it comes to these drugs,” said Damilola Walker, a human biology and microbiology senior and an Olin Health Advocate.In response to the increased awareness and concern, but also to the misconceptions about the drugs, Walker has started a project to distribute information allowing students to be more educated about the effects of the drugs.Walker will be distributing posters to mentors when students come back in the fall.


Olin offers new subsidy, free visits

Thanks to MSU and Ingham County health officials, Olin Health Center will soon be able to offer increased health care to more students. Olin and the Ingham County Health Plan Corporation will launch the Student Health Subsidy Program on August 15, which will provide more than $1.1 million in health care for qualifying low-income students. “We are tickled pink,” Olin Director Dr. Glynda Moorer said.


Disorder fades with sunlight

Getting out of school soon isn’t the only thing putting people in a better mood lately.There is an expected continual warming period with lots of sunshine between today and the weekend, according to the National Weather Service, and most people would say that news puts them in a better mood - at least to some degree.But there are others who get more serious relief from the sun’s rays beating down for longer periods of time during the day.Seasonal Affective Disorder has serious effects on about 5 percent of the population, according to Dr. Robert Bielski, director of the MSU Winter Depression Clinic.“We think the condition is triggered by the shortening of daylight hours during the winter months,” he said.


Jeans drive helps boost self-respect

People were tearing off their blue jeans and saying goodbye to their clothes Tuesday afternoon at the rock on Farm Lane. As part of National Size Acceptance Day, members of the campus groups Respecting and Understanding Body Image and Greek Life joined together for the Great Jeans Giveaway.