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Corridor money down

Michigan's Life Sciences Corridor funding, a $40 million windfall for MSU researchers in 2001, has generated only $2.3 million for the university in the past two years. Last year, MSU lagged behind other state schools in obtaining Michigan's most lucrative research grants - the corridor funds - even while a recent national study showed the state of Michigan's universities to be ranked in the top 10 for federal research funding. In 2003, MSU took only a 10-percent slice of a $22.9 million corridor-funding pie, which is intended to make the state a global center for the life sciences, research and business development. A State News computer analysis of Michigan Economic Development Corp.


Rough roads overwhelm Mich.

Bent wheels, worn shocks and damaged frames are common complaints at Jerry's Automotive in Lansing this time of year. Michigan's rough roads create 10 to 15 percent of the shop's auto repair and maintenance business, said Roger Mathews, manager of the store, located at 5544 S.

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