Friday, June 21, 2024

Emily Bingham

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Eclectic space serves tea, jam sessions

Other than the muffled music emanating from its small storefront after dark, there isn't much that makes Magdalena's Tea House stand out from the other shops and boutiques lining Michigan Avenue near Clemens Street in Lansing.


Satellite radio infiltrates audio waves one antenna at a time

Whether he's doing homework in his Shaw Hall dorm room or driving across the state to visit friends at other schools, Mike Mannino can always listen to his favorite radio channel - without losing reception, without commercials and without ever having to fiddle with his radio's tuner. The packaging sophomore is one of more than four million Americans nationwide who have tuned into the idea of satellite radio.


Venues aplenty in Lansing

If you're a lover of live music, Spartans, then you're in luck: The East Lansing area is the perfect place to get your groove on, no matter what kind of tunes move you.