Sunday, August 14, 2022

Emily Wilkins

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Trust a virgin: waiting ‘til you’re ready won’t kill you

When I was 7, I expected to get my graduation cap and gown around the same time I’d get a ring on my finger. I’m not sure where this timeline came from, but as I grew older, I began to realize how silly it was. If I ever get married, it’ll happen when I meet a person I’d be comfortable spending the rest of my life with. Most of my peers agree with me.


A question of patient care

For Misty Holley, things add up. Three kids with conditions including Down syndrome, cognitive impairment, tumors, epilepsy and a dozen MSU specialists to attend to their needs. One parent with hundreds of miles to drive, spending dozens of hours with doctors on a weekly basis.

Josh Sidorowicz ·

A question of leadership

Misty Holley’s husband gave her a choice: She could keep her unborn child with Down syndrome, or she could keep him. Eleven years ago Holley’s daughter, Dakota Brookens-Hillebrand, was born with blond hair, blue eyes and Down syndrome.

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