Thursday, May 13, 2021

Welcome Week

"In actuality, MSU doesn’t have any sort of obligation to help us," Chase Maples said. "We are the ones who signed contracts, right, we are the ones who signed the leases. But on the other hand, we also had signed that not expecting there was going to be a global pandemic, expecting that we were going to be going to go to school full-time with in person teaching."

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A guide to going Greek at MSU

If you’re new to MSU’s community, joining a Greek letter organization can be an easy way to meet new friends and quickly get outside of your social comfort zone. 


From Holland to the MSU field hockey team

Since the 1980 Moscow Olympic games, the Netherlands have medaled at all but two games, including three gold. Many of the country’s rising stars come to the United States to continue playing while also obtaining an education.


The State News taste-tests East Lansing coffee

The State News tried coffees from five different locations near our office on Grand River Avenue and scored them on a scale from one to 10 based entirely on flavor, without knowing which coffee came from where. Here are the results of our test.