Thursday, February 20, 2020

Emily Bevard is a City General Assignment Reporter for The State News.

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Column: Do's and don'ts of dating apps

"Do: Add a picture with a dog. I’m not going to lie, everyone loves a good dog picture, and posing next to one is the perfect wholesome content. It’s easy to swipe left on a random person online, but a cute dog is undoubtedly much harder to reject."


Foster Coffee promotes community building with East Lansing businesses

Foster Coffee, a brand rooted in its goal of “fostering community through coffee,” has made efforts to further its mission at its East Lansing location. Since opening in September, Foster has partnered with the Douglas J Aveda Institute, offering a study night for students where they could buy coffee and get a free massage to relax. During the week of Feb. 24, they will be partnering with Greek life at Michigan State University, sponsoring 14 different non-profits and constructing fundraisers with each of them.