Tuesday, June 25, 2024



Your guide to bookstores in the Greater Lansing area

Even with eLibraries, Kindles and Amazon at our fingertips, there’s something about rifling through a physical book that just can’t be replaced. For all the bookworms out there, here’s a guide to great bookstores in and around East Lansing.


“The money’s saying that they don’t care”: MSU divestment at a standstill

The MSU chapter of Sunrise has been engaged in a years-long campaign to push MSU to fully divest from fossil fuels. They made some progress when, in 2018, MSU exited all of its public non-renewable energy investments. But, as of December 2021, the university still held $88,605,622 in private fossil fuel investments. Here's what both Trustees and advocates have to say about it:  


MSU Students share predictions for "Midnights", Taylor Swift's new album

Swift has become increasingly known for leaving “easter eggs”, or clues in her music videos and lyrics for her fans to pick out and unravel. These hints reveal projects that she is working on. Since the announcement of "Midnights", fans have been developing their own theories and looking for anything that will signal what it will bring.