Saturday, June 22, 2024

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East Lansing and Ingham County to change emergency alert systems

Starting Saturday, June 1, the City of East Lansing and Ingham County will be switching their emergency alert systems to Rave Alert, a mass notification system. The new emergency alert system will enable users to personalize what type of alerts they receive, share information with local dispatchers and allow for more geographically-specific notifications. 


League of Michigan Bicyclists pushes for lawmakers to improve safety and accessibility for cyclists

The penalty for killing or injuring a person on a bicycle is currently a decision that is left in the hands of a prosecutor. In many cases, the perpetrator is let off with a misdemeanor charge.  The League of Michigan Bicyclists, or LMB, hosted their Bicycle Advocacy Day Tuesday morning at the Michigan Capitol to classify the charge as a felony, as well as to push for other legislation to improve safety and accessibility for cyclists. 

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