Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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There Will Be Criticism: mother!

The totality of its formal brilliance and narrative ingenuity seizes on the spectator in a way impossible for life to recreate, in a manner far from pleasurable yet on some level transcendently pleasing, in a way that shaped in the form of Aronofsky’s middle finger declares triumphant I have made you feel something new! 


QUIZ: What major will you declare?

 MSU is home to a wide variety of colorful Spartans from all walks of life, who can choose to study many different fields as they journey through their college experience. Naturally, for your entertainment, you’re about to be pigeon-holed into one of five of them! Are you the silent-but-studious pre-med? Or the boisterous and fun-loving business major? Take our quiz and find out!


There Will Be Criticism: Dunkirk

Nolan has constructed a feature length trailer, a demonstration of technical prowess that remains compelling for its runtime but lacks emotional components essential to my definition of successful movie making.  


There Will Be Criticism: Transformers - The Last Knight

 Transformers: The Last Knight represents a landmark in the refinement of Michael Bay’s powerful style. It’s long, loud, oppressive, and dumb in a manner more effective than his previous films, and in this sense perhaps deserves a perfect rating. However, I find Bay’s work so forcefully stupid that the thought of lending it even tacit approval is repulsive.  


There Will Be Criticism: Cars 3

"Cars 3" will not change you, because it does not want to change you. It is what it is, an animated film about talking cars who compete in races. And while I can’t fault it for not being more than the sum of its parts, I can grieve the lost opportunity of transcendence.