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Inside Student Legal Services: a free resource for MSU students

January 30, 2023
Photo by Alex Walters | The State News

Found on the third floor of the Student Services Building, Student Legal Services is a resource built to protect students in a legal capacity free of charge

Associative attorney David Myers said the service can handles situation as minimal as $100 or as high as over $10,000.   

“The appreciation from the students is always great," Myers said. "And it's nice to not have to send them a bill after they're done with the service.” 

Currently, two attorneys and paralegal assistants work with the service. Students from MSU's law program also shadow these employees.

Attorney Brian Jefferies said Student Legal Services is trying to restore back to where it was before COVID-19 hit. For example, client interviews are back to an in-person setting.

“I think that makes a significant difference in terms of the experience that our clients have and our ability to really address some of their questions and provide help,” Jefferies said

ASMSU vice president of finance and operations Vipul Adusumili said Student Legal Services is a resource built by students for students.

“One really cool unique thing is like the students are paying for the service like we're all paying (ASMSU) tax and I think it's really important," Adusumili said. "Utilize this and (be) aware of it,” Adusumili said.

The attorneys at Student Legal Services can deal with matters like landlord and tenant issues, parking matters and financial decisions

“Just to be frank, there's a lot of students that are getting taken advantage of and that's one of the areas that we're focused on focusing on trying to at least assist those that come to us but hopefully trying to fix the problem, too," Myers said.

Jefferies said students can utilize the service to just ask for clarification on any legal issue.

“I would encourage any and all students that have any kind of question, whether they think we can represent or not, we can still provide advice," Jefferies said. "There's a lot of self-help options that are available. We sit down we go through all the forms. We walk through that with everybody.” 

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