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Beyonce's ‘Renaissance’ Album Comeback: A song by song rundown

August 12, 2022
<p>Beyoncé performs during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS)</p>

Beyoncé performs during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Queen B is back, and she's not messing around.

On July 29, Beyonce released her new album, “RENAISSANCE.” This is the latest album since the release of “Lemonade” in 2016.

“RENAISSANCE” is all about confidence and self-empowerment. The album celebrates diversity and individuality.

With a total of 16 songs, the length of an hour and two minutes, “RENAISSANCE” is packed with jams for countless occasions. To add, this is the first of a three-part album project. If you like this one, there's more coming (hopefully) soon.

Let's go in order and break down Beyoncé's latest work.

“I’m That Girl”

The album kicks off with a slower track. “I’m That Girl” eases into the next hour with an intro that’s on the calmer side.

This song is Queen B’s homecoming. Her opening to an album of pure serotonin. The opening lyric reads “I pull up in these clothes that look so good.” Within just the first 25 seconds, she announces her return in style. 


Don’t let the name of this song fool you, and don’t get too cozy because this track will have you on your feet until the end. With lyrics like “Comfortable in my skin, cozy with who I am,” Cozy is a celebration of love for being Black, and Beyoncé has made it not only a powerful celebration but a catchy one too. 

“Alien Superstar”

Alien Superstar is the perfect song to play after the previous upbeat masterpiece. The first 50 seconds are slower, easing into what's to come. With a similar sound to Drake's "Way 2 Sexy," this chorus is impossible to forget.

“Cuff It”

Upbeat, empowering, karaoke material. Cuff It is all that. If you're looking for a track with main character energy, look no further. I have a feeling this going to be a lot of fans' favorite Renaissance jam.


This song's just that—a boost of energy. With the help of BEAM, Beyoncé delivers a track that will have you up on the table belting out the lyrics, “Them Karens just turned into terrorists.”

There was no holding back with this one. 

“Break My Soul”

“Break My Soul” is easily my favorite on the album. Since this track dropped earlier in the summer, Beyhive members have had nothing but the highest of expectations for the rest of the album.

“Break My Soul” still gives fans that first listen feeling of excitement and the beat even brings some nostalgia for early 2000's Beyoncé back. Make sure to give this song a listen or save yourself some time and put it on repeat.

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“Church Girl”

The tempo slows and listeners are given a second to catch their breath before the track speeds up and lifts the crowd back on their feet.

“Church Girl” takes your typical Sunday observer and turns her into a boss that “Soon as I get in this party, I’m ‘gon let go of this body, I’m gonna love on me.” When the song ends, you'll be praying (no pun intended) for an encore.

“Plastic Off the Sofa”

Possibly the “chillest” song of the “RENAISSANCE” album. Although the message is unknown, it’s not too far off to assume this track is related to Jay Z’s affair. The song is about forgiveness and how far the couple has come since the scandal, with lyrics like “and I know nobody’s perfect so I let you be.”

“Virgo’s Groove”

At a lengthy 6 minutes and 9 seconds, this track reminds listeners that each minute is just as powerful as the last. The queen jumps right into the song with sensual lyrics and a disco-like beat.

For those interested in astrology, this might be the first song you press play on. However, there are little to no references to astrology in this song. Instead, Beyoncé uses her sign as a sense of identity in the name. Not only is she a Virgo, but she's damn proud of it too.


As soon as the first lyric is sung, there’s no going back. Beyoncé’s “Move” will be stuck in your head for days. With the help of Grace Jones and Tems, “Move” is by far in the top three for most upbeat on the album.

Within the first 20 seconds, you’ll hear, “When the queen comes through, part like the Red Sea. Move out the way.”

She’s not messing around. Either move out of the way or make your way to the dance floor; the answer is obvious.


Beyonce uses this song as an outlet to pay tribute to her uncle Johnny. I'm not sure who he is and the role he plays in Beyonce's life, but from the way she sings, this man's got style.

"Dripped in my pearls like Coco Chanel, Uncle Johnny made my dress."

If she's going to release a hit album, she needs to look the part, right?


“Thique” gets the crowd going while embracing women who are classified as “thick.” Beyoncé relates being thicker to being better, prettier and richer: “A-- getting thiquer, Cash getting thiquer, cash getting larger.”

This bop will bring out necessary confidence in anyone and everyone. 

“All up in Your Mind”

Although on the shorter side, this track is the perfect hype-up while getting ready for a night out. Like Queen B., you won’t be able to get these lyrics out of your mind. 

“America Has a Problem”

At first glance, the name of this song calls for ridicule, judgments and any type of response to all the tragedies and hardships that go on in the land of the free.

Instead, Beyoncé decided to focus on one specific problem: drug addiction, specifically with cocaine. Cocaine is known to be used and dealt at dance clubs. Queen B. compares her love and presence to what the drug delivers with references to Druglord Tony Montana from the movie “Scarface.”


Pure/Honey eases into the album’s finale with a musical commemoration of Black pride and trans culture. In just short of 5 minutes, this song makes anyone and everyone feel like a supermodel: "It should cost a billion to look this good."

No matter who you are, embrace it.

“Summer Renaissance”

You thought we were slowing down? Well, you thought wrong.

The album wraps up on a high note with a disco tempo from Donna Summer’s “I feel love.” The queen bows and exits after 62 minutes of nonstop boss energy. “Summer Renaissance” is the perfect way to end the first part of “RENAISSANCE.”

Thank you, Ms. Knowles-Carter. Per usual, you aim to please. Until the next part is released, time to hit shuffle.


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