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Soon to be MSU graduate running for Michigan state representative

May 24, 2021
Graham Diedrich posed for a photo. Photo courtesy of Diedrich.
Graham Diedrich posed for a photo. Photo courtesy of Diedrich. —
Photo by Courtesy Photo | The State News

Twenty-year-old soon to be Michigan State graduate Graham Diedrich is running to be a state representative for Michigan’s 69th District. 

A Bath Township native, Diedrich grew up in the Haslett area, attending Haslett Public Schools for K-12. Now, he attends Michigan State University and will be graduating this summer with a Bachelor's Degree in international relations from James Madison College. 

Diedrich said he enjoyed his time as a student at James Madison College and that it challenged his learning. 

“It allows you to connect with people who have similar ideals, or even different ideals, which is an even better strength," Diedrich said. 

From a young age, Diedrich had his eye on entering the political world but once he understood how the state worked and how it does not work for working-class people, he decided it was time to take action. 

“I’m running because I feel like we deserve leadership that represents us and demands solutions to issues like climate change is a big one for our generation, class inequality, racism, just countless other issues,” Diedrich said. “I feel like people deserve change that will boost their quality of life.” 

According to his campaign website, Diedrich’s platform covers an array of issues that Michiganders face. His platform is broken down into six key issues: 

  • Funding public education

  • Medicare for all

  • Green New Deal

  • Justice for all

  • Mental health

  • Protecting voting rights

Whether he wins the election or not, Diedrich wants what’s best for the constituents in his district, which he feels can be accomplished with his platform. 

Currently, if elected, Diedrich would be the youngest state representative in Michigan’s history. In the 2016 election, State Rep. Jewell Jones of the 11th District (Wayne and Oakland counties) was only 21 years old when he became Michigan’s youngest state representative.

Diedrich said he feels that it would be a great honor to serve as the youngest state official if elected. 

“I feel like especially younger people, we have the perspectives that are needed to solve these issues,” Diedrich said. “I feel like as a working-class, young person in this district, I have the perspective that’s needed to lead it to the future.”

More information about Diedrich's platform and how to support his campaign can be found on his website.

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