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Column: Do's and don'ts of dating apps

February 14, 2020
<p>By Hope Ann Flores</p>

By Hope Ann Flores

I’ll be the first to admit that dating apps absolutely scare me to no end. The idea of being judged based on a couple of select pictures, opening yourself up to receive any sort of message and flirting with strangers over text just may be my worst nightmare. So, as someone with an immense fear of dating apps, I present my personal list of dating apps do’s and don’ts.

Don't: Post a profile with no bio.

At least give people the option to judge you based on more than just your looks. Bios are a perfect way to express your personality and disclose something unique about yourself, so don’t waste that opportunity by leaving it entirely blank. 

Do: Post a variety of pictures on your profile.

If people are going to be judging you based on your appearance, at least do your best to show your personality in whatever pictures you choose. Don’t just post four of your favorite selfies, or some array of mirror pictures, show who you are and what you like to do. A picture with friends also never hurts to show that you are social and fun to be around.

Don't: Post a picture of just your car or your truck.

If you’re in the picture and you really, really like it, I might give it a pass. But, if you’re just posting a single shot of your ride, I have to question it. Sure, maybe someone might see that and be impressed, but the pictures on your profile are supposed to showcase you. So, unless you’re showing that you are an actual Transformer (in which case please, go ahead), I have to assume a car picture does nothing to represent you as a person.

Do: Add a picture with a dog.

I’m not going to lie, everyone loves a good dog picture, and posing next to one is the perfect wholesome content. It’s easy to swipe left on a random person online, but a cute dog is undoubtedly much harder to reject.

Don't: Add a picture with a fish from your latest catch.

This one might be the biggest cliche online, but for good reason. I get it, maybe you’re super into fishing and you just want to show off your hobby, I can’t knock on that. However, I promise there is a more appealing way to do so than to hold up a dead fish. Actually, a good rule of thumb in general would be to avoid having anything dead in your pictures, it’s just a mildly questionable practice.

And finally, Do: Realize that every person is different.

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone who uses dating apps, so if posting a picture to flex your car is what you really want to do, don’t let one opinion stop you. It's one thing to throw in a picture of your car to impress someone, but it can and should be purposeful if you're using it to show off a hobby or something meaningful to you.


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