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Column: I'm a VSCO girl and that's okay

October 1, 2019

Hi, my name is Karly and I'm a VSCO girl.

While I've traded in long, beachy locks for shorter, tighter curls, my love of scrunchies and my 32 oz yellow Hydro Flask allow me to fall under the newest stereotype.

With friendship bracelets lining my left wrist and Birkenstocks on my feet, I stumbled across a video on Tik Tok that allowed me to first hear of the term.

Fifty-six seconds of a girl repeating "sksksksk" — no, I'm not sure what it means, either. The phrase "and I oop," made famous by Jasmine Masters. Bragging about your Hydro Flask. Showing off your scrunchies. This is what a VSCO girl is.

I know I'm a VSCO girl — at least in some of my preferences — but I don't like that I fall into the category.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that, as a VSCO girl, I'm somehow being wronged. After all, it's not like I wear size 13 Nikes like Jodi from Netflix's "Tall Girl."

I know I shouldn't have shame because of the things I like, but the way that VSCO girls have been portrayed throughout social media makes me feel like I'm not an original person because I'm interested in certain trends.

But this is not a new trend. A few years ago, wearing Ugg boots and drinking Starbucks made you "basic." Now, it's how girls like the way filters look over pictures on Instagram (no true VSCO girl actually has a VSCO, as if!)

Calling out girls for their preferences of oversized shirts that cover their shorts and sticker-covered water bottles, the VSCO girl is the latest trend designed to — at least a little — make girls feel bad about liking things.

It doesn't get to me too bad because I'm a big fan of laughing at myself, but I know people who have been offended by the subtle attacks on their character and individuality because of trends they subscribe to.

So, really, this is an open letter to my fellow VSCO girls. Don't let people bring you down for liking what you like. Scrunchies and biker shorts made a comeback for a reason!

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