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Living City: Scuba diving in the Red Cedar

October 24, 2013

Members of MSU’s Scuba Club talk about the club and its unique role at the university.

Photo by Khoa Nguyen | The State News

During his freshman year, natural resources recreation and tourism junior Keven Sircher took a scuba diving class as an elective. Little did he know the elective would later become a passion. He is the co-founder and president of the MSU Scuba Club.

“It’s just good people hanging out with people with similar interests,” Sircher said. “We like to go to cool places, do cool things, and just have a good time.”

Sircher notes that scuba diving is an environmentally-aware sport. Without clean water, they would have nowhere to dive. The group likes to help on campus by teaming up with the Fisheries and Wildlife Club to pull bikes and trash out of the river during the river cleanup event.

“It goes hand-in-hand with Michigan State’s initiative to be green,” said Sircher. “We like to complement that as much as we can.”

Fisheries and wildlife junior Hayden Crabtree says his favorite part of the club is the people and atmosphere.

“The people are the best people I have met at (MSU) so far,” said Crabtree. “It’s a great club to be in and it’s like a second family.”

Sircher said the mission of the club is to promote it to as many people as possible. With the high up-front cost to start scuba diving, he wants to make it as easy and cheap as possible for people who are interested to join.

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