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Khoa Nguyen

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Living City-True gamers

For many with an interest in game design, choosing a college can be difficult. Many universities do not offer programs dealing with game design, but MSU is the exception. The Spartasoft club helps students learn about video game design. Peter Burroughs, a media and information freshman, said it brought him to MSU.


Living City: Scuba diving in the Red Cedar

During his freshman year, natural resources recreation and tourism junior Keven Sircher took a scuba diving class as an elective. Little did he know the elective would later become a passion. He is the co-founder and president of the MSU Scuba Club. “It’s just good people hanging out with people with similar interests,” Sircher said. “We like to go to cool places, do cool things, and just have a good time.”


Living City- The hunted

While sitting around at a graduation party, physiology junior Tristan Worthington and his friends decided playing games with Nerf guns sounded fun. What started as a fun party activity has turned into a registered student organization on campus known as the MSU Assassins Club. Worthington was able to register the club in 2012, but not without some difficulties. Worthington said the organization ran into some speed bumps when it came to using Nerf guns on campus.

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