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ASMSU needs to prove its worth in future

June 30, 2013

Last Wednesday, MSU’s undergraduate student government, ASMSU, voted 12-2 to move all of its funds into an on-campus account at an emergency meeting.

The vote ended a two-month stalemate between ASMSU and MSU, who notified ASMSU if it did not move all of its funds into an on-campus account by today, it would not be able to collect student taxes for future semesters.

While the decision took nearly two months to finally make, it only was a matter of time before ASMSU moved its funds. The decision was inevitable as the student government backed itself into a corner with questionable finances/bookkeeping.

This past spring semester, ASMSU notably wasted student tax funds on a cancelled Ne-Yo concert and an ill-attended carnival.

All in all, ASMSU acted like a real government: irresponsibly and inefficiently. The group had to realize its past actions were not going to go unnoticed and unregarded. It needs guidance with the money, as it comes from every student’s pocket and should be spent wisely.

What ASMSU needs now is guidance, which is something it’s never really had before. This is something that will come with MSU overseeing the money, so it can give advice on how to spend the student taxes wisely and rein in its management of funds.

This whole ordeal should be a wake-up call to ASMSU. It came within a week of death and made it to the other side.

ASMSU needs to focus more on getting in touch with students and learning want they want, as it got away from that last semester and get the word out about the services it provides. There is no point in having a student government if the students don’t know it exists.

The student government does not exist without the students’ money. Instead of wasting their money on events they didn’t care or even know about, a more personable interaction with the people will give a better idea of how to spend money for future events.

And a campaign that gets the word out will benefit everybody, as the students will learn about the services the government provides, such as free blue books and legal counsel, and know who provided all the help for them.

ASMSU needs to move on from trying to get its money back into an off-campus account. That ship has sailed and MSU has ASMSU right where it wants it and is not going to let go of its hold on the undergraduate student government.

If ASMSU is to do anything, it needs to prove what a resource it can be and answer the question students have, “Why should I not get my refund?” Because if it can’t do that, then why bother existing?

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