Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Editorial: More handicapped seating is necessary in Spartan Stadium

Advertising junior Katie Feirer has a very simple request.She'd like to experience an MSU football game the same way her peers do.Feirer is wheelchair-bound, and as such, has been segregated from fellow student fans, because handicap accomodations in Spartan Stadium have effectively banished her to the other side of the stadium.And it's not just handicapped students who are forced into a different experience ? other disabled fans have been shuttled to the press box when there aren't enough handicap-accessible seats.


Clean up our throwaway culture

Couches were piled on top of each other. Love seats shoved in between made a mix of leather and suede, muted colors and cross-hatched fabric. Minor holes and tears in cushions turned into full rips from heavy rains and cold weather after previous owners left the furniture outside during the harsh winter. It's a scene from one apartment complex that is replicated near dumpsters across East Lansing.