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Hellblinki to perform at Mac's Bar Wednesday

September 24, 2012

October is around the corner, and with the new month, Halloween preparations are under way. Costumes, candy and creepy decorations are a given, but many students may be stumped when it comes to the perfect Halloween season soundtrack.

On Wednesday, the atmosphere at Mac’s Bar, 2700 E. Michigan Ave., will feel reminiscent of an old pirate-infested tavern straight out of the South when Hellblinki takes the stage at 9 p.m.

The band’s performance is part of a slew of shows spread sporadically in locations across the U.S., including Milwaukee, Orlando, Fla., and Seattle. Admission for the show is $10.

Hellblinki’s sound is an experimental blend of blues folk that produces an eclectic rhythm comparable to imagined background music in an abandoned New Orleans voodoo shop.

The pyscho-cabaret band reigns from Asheville, N.C., but has gained international popularity through their strong stage presence.

Hellblinki frontman Andrew Benjamin takes on vintage role-play while onstage by altering his voice to sound like a faded record. His appearance is designed to resemble a silent movie villain — white face, red-rimmed eyes and a pointy black goatee.

Benjamin’s counterpart, Valerie Meiss, also known by her stage name, Vaudevie, has become known for her operatic vocals, eccentric instrument selection and use of a riding whip.

Hellblinki bassist JonPaul Hess completes the trio with a more subdued appearance.

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