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Gov. Rick Snyder gives first State of the State address

January 19, 2011

Gov. Rick Snyder’s state of the state address focused on the need for economic development and education reform in Michigan.

“Simply put, job one is jobs,” Snyder said.

Snyder said problems the state needs to fix include the government’s unsustainable financial model and an unsatisfactory economic climate and education system. He plans to establish a report card — called the Michigan Dashboard — to evaluate the state and move toward improvement, he said. He will present a summary of the dashboard in all further state of the state addresses, he said.

Health and education, value of government and public safety will be measured, among other areas, Snyder said.

“Many people don’t like to be graded,” Snyder said. “It is time for that attitude to disappear.”

Snyder said he will present a special measure on education to the Legislature in April, emphasizing that state government has been spending money on education without providing students enough tools to achieve academic success. Michigan needs to focus on prenatal through lifelong learning, Snyder said.

“It is time to start talking about P-20, instead of just K-12,” he said.

Immigrants with advanced college degrees also can contribute to a better economy for the state, Snyder said.

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