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How to tie a scarf

November 24, 2008
Photo by Illustration by Chelsea McGorisk | The State News

There are many types of scarves and just as many ways to tie them. The most commonly worn scarves are made of knit fabric. Here are some tips on tying long or short knit scarves.

The Long Knit Scarf (6 feet or more)

1. Put the middle of scarf on the back of your neck so the two ends fall onto your chest. Wrap the two ends over a few times, alternating sides each time. Wrap it close to your neck one time and then very loose the next time, so you get several layers of different heights.

2. Fold your long scarf in half, then place the new middle on the back of your neck. Take the two new ends and tie them in a loose knot around your neck, then loop the loose ends through the looped end.

The Short Knit Scarf (Less than 6 feet)

1. Fold the scarf in half and place the new middle at the back of your neck. Then pull the two loose ends your hand through the loop created by the fold in the scarf. How tight you pull the ends through the loop is up to you.

2. Hang the full length of the scarf around your neck with one side hanging down about one foot more than the other. Then take the long end, pull it across your neck, and place it over your opposite shoulder.


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