Monday, November 29, 2021

SEJ investigation was justifiable

I am writing this letter to provide a counterpoint to the opinions that have been expressed about the recent infiltration of Students for Economic Justice by the MSU police. After reviewing the facts presented, I believe the anger expressed by many is unjustified. To explain this, I would like to point to some facts.

First, the students’ right to privacy was not violated. All of the observation done by Officer Jamie Gonzales was done in public meetings. No members of SEJ have alleged that any surveillance was done in private forums. Expecting “privacy” in a public forum is highly unreasonable.

Second, after the violence in Seattle, surveillance of labor rights groups is clearly warranted. I would like to remind everyone many innocent workers lost their jobs when the places they worked at were destroyed by rioters in Seattle.

Third, I would like to point out none of the activities of SEJ were interfered with in any way. In fact, according to The State News, Gonzales even assisted with several activities. The fact SEJ was allowed to continue unmolested after it was determined to not be a threat is, in my opinion, proof the police had no intention other than to protect legitimate peace and order in our community.

In conclusion, I firmly believe the MSU police committed no violations of civil rights here.

Matthew Bridges
computer science junior


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