Saturday, December 4, 2021

Many missed point of column

This is in response to TJ Dickinson (“Alcohol ban won’t change ‘U’,” SN 4/4) and Brian Selewski (“Prohibition won’t help improve ‘U’,” SN 4/5), who each vehemently refuted Craig Gunn’s column “Alcohol can cause many nasty side effects” (SN 4/2).

Without a doubt, both these students missed the actual point of Gunn’s column, which was that MSU does not need prohibition or drastic measures in order to control alcohol. Instead, Gunn’s article pointed out that MSU simply needs individuals who can act responsibly.

Unfortunately, these two students missed that and failed to realize his essay was written in a blanket of obvious sarcasm. Or, perhaps I suspect in their haste, these two students did what all too many of us do - begin to form opinions before taking the time to look into the “deeper” meaning of things.

Either way, I would like to apologize to Gunn - a faculty member at MSU - for such half-witted responses by some members of the undergraduate community. The rest of us know better.

Indeed, your eloquently written column was nothing short of brilliant - and for that I commend you.

Leon Boudourakis
physiology junior


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