Monday, November 29, 2021

Homosexuality not related to incest

So I take it now that Pride Week is over, The State News is going to publish uninformed, uneducated, homophobic blathering?

John La Fleur’s column was not only insulting, but embarrassing. First La Fleur compared homosexuality to incest, in the hopes of outraging people and forcing them to see how wrong and horrible homosexuality is. Could someone explain that one to me a little more clearly? I fail to see the connection between sleeping with my brother and sleeping with someone who isn’t my brother, but perhaps I’ve been “blinded by the homosexual ‘rights’ political movement.”

But then the column got even better! La Fleur pronounced “marriage is a formal mechanism to establish order in the lives of children” and homosexual unions shouldn’t be legal because “two members of the same sex cannot produce a child of their own.” I was really startled to find out that I, a heterosexual who doesn’t want children, shouldn’t be allowed to get married. Come to think of it, my mother’s getting married next week, and her childbearing days are over. I’d better show her La Fleur’s column before it’s too late.

My favorite part of the column, though, was the part where he said, “homosexuality should be viewed as a futile means to deal with traumatic or unfulfilling relationships, just as some people turn to alcohol abuse, narcotics usage or other such activities.”

It’s hard for me to even respond to such a ridiculous, stereotypical and narrow-minded statement. Does La Fleur even know any homosexuals? Does he have any sources to back up such an idiotic claim?

In any case, I have to thank The State News for showing me once again that ignorance is still alive and well on the MSU campus.

Krista Kane
psychology senior


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