Monday, November 29, 2021

Dont protest with violence

Brian Emerson Jones’ column on Pride Week grieved me deeply (“Pride Week celebrations are important to all,” SN 3/28).

I agree it is horrible how homosexuals are victims of hate crimes. It is sad some people feel they need to protest homosexuality through violent means. At the same time, however, I don’t think homosexuality is all right.

In his column, Jones complains about how homosexuals are stereotyped in a negative light by the media. Then, he proceeds to turn around and portray all those who disagree with his views as hate mongers. While the Bible clearly states homosexual behavior is wrong, Christians are actually commanded by God in that same Bible to love those who practice this behavior.

I myself am a Christian, and love homosexuals with all my heart. Not in a perverted way, but in an unconditional manner. Because I love them, I will take any opportunity afforded me to explain why God has said homosexuality is a sin, because I want homosexuals to experience how awesome a relationship with God is.

I would never carve the word “fag” into a door or scream at a homosexual as he is walking somewhere with his mother - this is why it is so hard for me to read Jones’ column. I expect to get mocked by those who blindly hate gay people. Yet, I don’t expect someone who has been the object of so much hate to turn around and mock me for not believing exactly as he does. To me, that seems the most narrow-minded stance of all.

Lee Ehlers
criminal justice freshman


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